Special options

I can help you acquire legal, but little-known financial market knowledge that will allow you, as a non-US resident, to directly own US ETFs or US equities not available in your country. You can consult me in a spa, on a sailing boat or even at home in a robe in front of the computer. Let’s step out of the financial profession’s comfort zone together! Through a holistic view, we can talk through the risks of a loan redemption, an acquisition or building your portfolio! Detailed equity risk assessment (6 pages): gross 119 EUR/each. Click on the button to view an example of risk evaluation:

Mutual decisions

You not only have to find a common intersection between your objective professional and your subjective own attachments and preconceptions, but often family also plays a role in the final decisions. Therefore I suggest you to bring along the person who will influence the final decision. Typically, this is the wife, who will be more likely to join to a financial discussion during a surprise spa holiday than to come along to an office on a normal weekday. 


As you can see in the photo gallery, our modern approach to negotiation can take place on the waterfront, in a spa, in a hotel, online or even while sailing, hunting or in a café after an event.
I don’t want to be your only advisor in a suit, forget the usual financial bureaucrats and office environment! Let’s meet
where you feel most comfortable!

Activities and discounts

Complex business and management consultancy, other training, insurance
risk management.
For general business and management consultancy and complex administrative
services, a 15% discount on the basic fee scale is available.