• A portfolio built of government bonds in majority but still generates higher returns than government bonds
  • Reference return is the performance of euro and dollar government bonds
  • 2 times a month, up to 3 hours
  • I help you learn and gather information on your own to save many paid consulting hours
  • Basic tax knowledge
  • If you need help with certain settings
  • If you have account opening or selection difficulties
  • If, despite instructional videos and support, you cannot solve a technical problem, for example on the trading platform
  • If your account liquidity or capital is at risk due to a failed order or other unexpected event
  • When you need individual advice on a specific problem
  • When you want to insure your portfolio against big losses
  • When you get stuck during portfolio setup
  • At least 6-month subscription starting with a 14-day trial period
  • Selected and customized package, so minimum parameters specified in the description can be increased with individual extras

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