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My name is Róbert Bajó, I am a financial mentor and manager. With nearly a decade of brokerage and more than two decades of capital markets experience, I have been providing business management, financial, risk management and agricultural advice to small businesses and individuals as a self-employed entrepreneur for many years. My professional credibility is backed by a satisfied client base, guest speaker invitations, and a publicly available professional resume. But perhaps more importantly, I have a passion for the stock market and risk management, which I do with all my heart and soul.

I paved my own path; I bought my first shares at the age of 18 and have been in the financial world with my portfolio ever since. With my family background, building a secure existence in Hungary would not have been possible for me if I had not been constantly managing risk. I share my knowledge and experience through workshops, trainings, events and individual consultations.

I had traded everything available to an investor and speculator in the 21st century before I found my own way and built my own trading systems. My trader profile is currently swing trading with options strategies on equities and futures products, largely in the US market.

I believe that in the stock market, everyone can find the right opportunity for them: from a safe annual return of 5%, to time- and knowledge-intensive speculative returns of several hundred percent. I help people find the right investment or speculation for them in this exciting field with as little learning costs and as little time as possible.

My other focus area is to ensure that businesses and individuals can understand all risks and make risk-managed financial and business decisions based on a completely individual perspective, but with a complete understanding of the risks.

Let’s step out of the financial profession’s comfort zone together! Through a holistic view, we can talk through the risks of a loan redemption, an acquisition or building your portfolio!

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